BCS 722 Harvester 8HP Honda  Rototiller

BCS  722 Small Tire Harvester
8HP Honda Rototiller

The BCS 722H with a 20″ Tiller
Other Size Tillers are available

Item Description

BCS Tiller 722H Harvester

One of BCS’s most popular models, the Harvester 722 is an excellent choice for those property owners who want a combination of performance and versatility and don’t foresee the need for the larger range of attachments powered by the Professional Series models.  Built much like the Harvester 718, the 722 has more power with a Honda GX240 engine, two forward and reverse speeds, and an additional third transport speed when in rear-mount attachment mode.

The 722 has the power necessary to attach an array of attachments such as the 26” Rear-Tine Tiller, 45” Sickle Bar Mower, Chipper/Shredder, Log Splitter, Dozer Blade and more.  However, like the 718, this model is limited in brush mowing applications due to its lack of a third working speed and Differential Drive.

Note: The overall wheel width of model 722 is 21″, but the inner hubs can be “flipped” inward to reduce the wheel width to 19″ for accommodating the 20″ Rear-Tine Tiller.


    • Easy-to-engage, shuttle-type reverse
    • Anti-vibe handlebars that instantly adjust both vertically and side-to-side
    • A fast transport speed to ride your tiller to the garden (requires Transport Sulky or Utility Trailer)
    • Battery not included. 


 BCS Engine Honda 8hp  GX OHV
BCS Starter Recoil
BCS Air Filter Paper Cartridge
BCS Tractor Ground Speeds 0.3 , 1.4 , 6.8 mph fwd;  0.6 , 1.4 mph rev
BCS Reverse Engagement Quick Reverse
BCS Fuel Capacity 1 gallon
BCS Drive System Automotive Style Gear Transmission
BCS Steel Bumper Std.
BCS Drive Tires 8″ x 4.00-4″
BCS Tractor Speeds 3 Forward 2 Reverse
BCS Tiller Tilling width 16″ , 20″ . 26″
BCS Tiller Tilling Depth 0″ to 8″ in 1″ increments
BCS Tiller Tine Speed 290 (RPM)
BCS Tiller Tine/wheel Speed 20 /1
BCS Warranty 3 year Machine Lifetime on Transmission
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